How an Efficient H2S Detection System Can Help Optimize OPEX Costs

14th December 2022 | 10:00AM (GMT+04:00)
Middle East

About the Conference

DMS Global is delighted to announce How an Efficient H2S Detection System Can Help Optimize OPEX Costs Webinar which will be held on Wednesday, 14th December, 2022. The event features several technical sessions and workshops that are designed to cover innovative technologies and solutions to the pressing technical challenges of today.

How an efficient H2S detection system can help optimize OPEX costs

Hydrogen Sulphide is a highly toxic and dangerous gas and people working in hazardous areas, where H2S gas leaks may occur, need protecting.

What is the solution?

Historically, the solution has been to only use Point gas detectors. As the traditional technology was not fail-safe, meaning if the detector could not detect gas as the consumable sensor had reached the end of its life or the inlet became blocked, preventing gas from reaching the sensor, it could not alert the user of this dangerous condition. Consequently, users had to calibrate the sensors on a regular basis, which was very expensive.

This webinar will look at the latest and more advanced H2S Point Gas Detectors, which are now Fail-Safe, giving the assurance the sensor is working and is able to detect H2S gas leaks. The latest sensor technology also does a lot of the work for you, which reduces your OPEX cost.

We will also look at how additional types of detectors help improve the probability of detection and reduce the time to alarm. This is because point detectors on their own may not detect the gas as quickly as intended, which may put lives at risk. Therefore, multiple layers of detection using other sensing technologies will help improve the level of detection and subsequently the level of safety even further.

The session will also include presentations from end users in the OGP industry in the Middle East, followed by a Q&A session with the panel.

Conference Topics

  • H2S Detection Challenges
  • How an Efficient H2S Detection System Can Help Optimize OPEX Costs